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Regular tuning of a furnace is just as critical as oil changes of a vehicle. If no regular services are taking place, everything can get affected. Things can get dirtier, wear and tear can take place, and even horrible breakdowns may happen. No matter if your furnace is making odd noises or seemingly running just fine, a tune-up is an important way to keep your family safe and your home heated all winter long.

What does a furnace tune up cover?

Whatever purpose your family is using your furnace, it can be really inconvenient when it suddenly breaks down on you. During a tune-up, a technician will be able to inspect the various components of your system and repair any damages to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The prevention of unexpected breakdowns, recurring issues and frequent replacements, are the benefits of regular inspections. They can also help the furnace run in a cost effective manner which saves you money on your heating bills throughout the season.

During a tune-up, a professional will:

  • pilot system and/or electrical components
  • check for system leaks and tears or gaps in the ductwork
  • lubricate the mechanical parts
  • clean the major components of the furnace
  • recalibrate the thermostat
  • test the heating elements
  • test the safety and limit switches

Why is a tune-up necessary?

There are far more compelling reasons to have your furnace cleaned regularly than simply keeping it looking nice. You’ll get greater operating efficiency out of your furnace when it is cleaned periodically. When the coils are cleaned and the air flow filter is replaced then this can increase the efficiency of the unit.

When it comes to a tune-up for your furnace, the pilot system needs to be tested. When fuel doesn’t burn all the way a yellow flame rather than blue is a signal, dangerous carbon monoxide buildup can occur, resulting in significant danger for anyone exposed. Hire a certified professional to help you find out if your furnace is emitting this dangerous gas.

Tune-ups help you save money on your energy bills and costly repairs. After all, if you don’t take care of it, you’ll have to have it repaired more. If the furnace is dirty or some parts are not working, the furnace will need to work harder and hence wear out too soon. After some time some of its parts will be too costly to fix and the better thing to do is to have it replaced.

Your furnace is something you probably don’t think about much until the weather is about to turn cold and you begin to think about the cold winter months that lie ahead. A properly maintained furnace has an average life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Some furnaces can last between 30 and 40 years with frequent tune-ups depending on the level of use and other environmental factors.

Having regular tune-ups will help you save money by avoiding expensive repairs, as well as lower your energy costs. Many manufacturers will only repair or replace a furnace that’s under warranty if the homeowner can show that all scheduled maintenance has been performed. Despite the fact that your furnace might be running fine now, a check-up could spare you huge costs if something were to turn out badly all of a sudden.

How should homeowners maintain their furnaces between tune-ups?

If there is nothing broken down in a furnace, then you typically need not do anything to maintain it except for its tune-ups. However, there are some ways through which you can increase the life of your furnace and they can work efficiently until next adjustment.

If you want to maintain your furnace’s efficiency, change the air filter regularly. Air flow is slowed down by a dirty filter, which makes the furnace work harder to produce the same amount of heat. Experts recommend swapping out air filters at least every three months, especially if you’re a pet owner. Furnace filters not only improve operational efficiency but also remove allergens, toxins, and particulate matter so that your family is breathing cleaner air year-round.

Don’t try to control the flow of air through your home by closing off certain cents, as that puts too much strain on your furnace and could result in mechanical damage. Many people may not realize that closed vents promote the growth of mold in the ductwork. Heating systems break down more easily when the vents are closed and this can create additional expenses to the homeowners.

Finally, if you have a furnace venting to the outside of your home, make sure debris, critters, as well as other blockages, are not responsible for preventing the airflow into home areas. It’s a good idea to have your furnace, including the vents, inspected prior to the beginning of the heating season. Before calling in a repairman, it’s a good idea to check for these types of issues when your furnace is experiencing malfunction.

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