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A broken furnace can put a stop to a home in the winter time. Low temperatures are not easy to stand outdoors, and they are even harder to stand indoors. There are even some who will develop hypothermia even while staying inside their homes due to lack of heat there. No matter if your furnace needs some repairs or a complete replacement, the problem can be remedied by a specialist.

A professional should do regular tune-ups to your furnace to keep it running for as long as possible. They can ensure that breakdowns are prevented on cold days by spotting issues before they even happen. If your furnace starts having trouble but you are not sure if it needs to be repaired or replaced, there are a few warning signs that may help alert you to a crisis.

Warning Signs That May Signal You Need Furnace Replacement

No one looks forward to replacing a major appliance. But the warning signs listed here can help signal you that you may need to replace your furnace. The middle of the night or the coldest day of the year is obviously the worst time to run into issues with your furnace. If your furnace is exhibiting the symptoms below then you need to give a call to an expert technician right away.

Furnace is 15-20 years old

If it is regularly taken care of, a furnace can last 15-20 years. Some furnaces can last up to 30 years depending on how often it’s used and environmental factors. You may need to start researching for a replacement for it if you find that your furnace is acting up and it is near its end life. The benefits of a new model replacement include reduced energy bills and improved efficiency.

Need frequent repairs

When you have recurring repairs being done on your furnace, all these can add up and make the total cost expensive. Older furnaces are much more difficult to repair, as most of the older parts are not kept on hand and in some cases, not even mass produced anymore. If a repair is going to cost you more than half the original price of your furnace, it’s time to get a new one.

Energy bills are skyrocketing

If your energy bills have gone up lately, but your energy use hasn’t changed, it’s likely that your furnace is having to work too hard to maintain the temperature your thermostat is set at. If a tune-up doesn’t lower your energy bills, it could be that your furnace is simply losing efficiency with age. You could use the additional funds on a newer and better furnace instead of using the old one to save on your energy bills.

Furnace making strange noises

A furnace only generates strange sounds when something is about to go wrong. These issues may necessitate contacting a certified professional as soon as possible to take a look at it. Squealing sounds, banging or popping could be caused by a mechanical issue of some sort, or a clogged burner. It is the expert technician that can quickly take a look at it to know what is the problem with it.

Carbon monoxide is present

If your furnace is placed near a carbon monoxide detector, then you can know immediately if you have a leak. However, there are also some other signs of carbon monoxide that can help you figure out if you need to replace your furnace or not. One way to find out is if your family has suddenly experienced disorientation, flu-like symptoms, nausea, and frequent headaches.

When there is an excess moisture that is found on the windows, this could signal that carbon monoxide is leaking.

Inconsistent or inadequate heat

Inconsistency in the heating temperature in the different areas in the home signal that there are problems with the furnace. The problem can be caused by a dirty filter, broken thermostat or broken ducts. At other times what could be the culprits of it are a faulty pilot light, wear and tear in the heating elements or burnt components.

A furnace professional should be able to diagnose what’s wrong with your unit and recommend the best course of action. If the heater is as of now nearing the point of expiration, it might be more practical to replace the unit instead of fix it.

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