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If your AC unit is starting to make strange sounds this is a cause for concern. An AC tune-up may be what is needed, rather than replacing the air conditioning unit altogether. Sometimes, a little bit of care is all you need to make the unit run like new. A trained professional knows what to check when diagnosing any problem with your air conditioner.

If serviced annually, you’ll get about ten years of use out of the average air conditioner. If there are still some years left in your unit before it hits the ten year mark then you can save money by just having it repaired.

Why is an AC tune up necessary?

The AC and HVAC system is made up of many parts and pieces that wear out and break down over time. The wise air conditioner owner gets a professional in at least once a year, to perform a standard AC tune-up. The unwise air conditioner owner waits until something goes wrong and only then calls in a professional, which means going days and even weeks without a working air conditioner.

During the inspection they will:

  • recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • remedy any safety hazards
  • clear the space in and around the unit from dirt and debris
  • clean and straighten the coils and coil fins
  • search for any leaks or cracks
  • clean or replace the air filter

All of these tune-up steps help to make your AC unit last longer and keep it running with fewer issues. For an air conditioner to work at it’s best, it needs proper and regular care, just like a vehicle. If you don’t get your device checked regularly, you could receive higher energy bills, notice different temperature levels at certain parts of the house and several more problems could occur.

Because air conditioners don’t get much use until temperatures rise during the summer, you might not know there is a problem with yours until you turn it on for the first time at the beginning of the season. Common sense dictates that air conditioners should be inspected well before temperatures start to climb, preferably in the spring. At best, being without AC is miserable and at worst, it can be deadly.

Do I need a tune-up or a total replacement?

If you are inexperienced when it comes to air conditioning units, you’ll not know when a unit either needs to be repaired or replaced. If you aren’t sure if your unit is done for, a consultation to an air conditioning professional can give you the answer. In the list below, you can check if your device is ready to be replaced or perhaps it just needs a minor fix.

Thermostat isn’t working

While it can be frustrating when your thermostat is broken and isn’t cooling your home, it could be something as simple as a wiring glitch or the calibration could be off instead of being an issue with the unit itself. An AC professional will inspect the wiring and recalibrate the thermostat to get the air conditioner up and running again.

Inconsistent temperatures throughout home

Without a check-up it may be challenging to know the reason for the uneven cooling in a home. Your upper level is always going to be hotter than your lower one because of heat rising. But if you notice a drastic temperature difference in your various rooms, then you could have a problem with vents, air filters or your ducts.

Bad smells or noises

Strange sounds coming from the AC is no laughing matter. You’ll need to call for a service right away. There could be a loose or damaged part, and you need to have that repaired promptly so even worse damage is not done. Some broken parts can be directly repaired, while others may be beyond repair and should be replaced quickly. A burnt wire or mold growth in your ducts can lead to bad odors in your home.

Unless you are an expert at air conditioners and you are a true professional who works in the industry every single day, the truth is that there is only one way that everything can get sorted out. This way is by calling the professionals to do an inspection and to help you discover the real reasons for things not working. Sometimes all that’s needed with these issues is a cleaning or a repair.


If your air conditioner is leaking, this is usually a sign of a serious problem. AC repairs are usually expensive whether it is a water leak from the condenser or a coolant leakage from its lines. If your units are old and near the end of its life, it’s probably more cost-effective to replace it instead of repair it.

High energy bills.

Higher than normal energy bills is a cause for concern and it means the unit is working harder than it needs to cool the space. If the unit hasn’t been tuned up in a long time, or if the unit is still new, it’s time to call a professional.

A comprehensive inspection of your unit will let you know if it needs replacing. When it is inspected by a professional then this will help in determining if it needs a replacement already. If it needs replacement, you can find a professional today who can let you know about the more efficient options in the market.

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