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Even if it is simply a repair or a cleanup, the best job is done by qualified professionals who are certified and experienced. They do this every day and they know exactly what they are doing. All over the country people are calling their local AC service professional due to record high heat.

There are so many more air conditioners you can do than just cool a home. They filter out dust, pollen, and moisture to make for better sleeping conditions, and helps prevent electronics from breaking down. Though we tend to think of air conditioning as a convenience, it’s a necessity for people with respiratory conditions and other vulnerable individuals.

Some think getting air conditioning is not within their budget. High-efficiency systems and smart thermostat devices today make it more efficient to cool homes. Learn more about the different types of air conditioners.

What types of units should you consider for your AC installation?

Nowadays there are many different air conditioning options available to choose from. The variety of options may seem like too much for some people but for others they like that they have a lot of options. Depending upon your own inclinations, home size, and what sort of framework your home as of now have, certain AC choices could possibly work for you. The most well-known kinds of cooling units are clarified underneath.

Split System

Most often, the condenser coil will be in an outdoor unit while the evaporator coil is inside the house, often in a utility closet. The system works to blast cool air throughout the home with ductwork and vents. For homes that don’t have ductwork, it could be expensive to install this type of system. But its high efficiency and smart thermostats can offset the cost and make this an affordable option in the long term when it comes to the cost of its energy consumption.

Packaged System

A packaged system includes the evaporator, condenser, and compressor all together in one unit, which is typically located close to the home on a concrete slab, or upon the roof. This kind of system will work efficiently too with vents and ducts. This unit may also have heating elements that will remove the need to have an additional furnace.

Heat Pump

The heat pumps take the outside air and turn it, depending on the season, into cold or hot water. These types perform better in moderate climates as their operational range is limited. For places with more extremely varied weather, geothermal designs may be better suited.

Evaporative Cooler

Swamp cooler is sometimes the name given to such type of AC unit. This produces cool air in a home by having air from outside go through its moist pads. Such a system is best used in places with dry climates and if additional moisture is desired, direct evaporative coolers may be employed. Swamp coolers offer easy installation, use and maintenance but become less effective when the indoor air reaches a certain humidity level, and the noise from the fan can be annoying.

Ductless Mini-Split System

While these systems are more common in other countries, for older homes or add-ons that haven’t been fitted with ducts, they can be more affordable. While the condenser unit for one of these systems is installed outdoors, there are individually controlled blowers in the rooms to be cooled.

Homeowners have more control when cooling individual areas rather than an entire house. However, if the homeowners prefer to cool the entire home, a central air unit is more cost-effective than a ductless system.

Remember to regularly service your new unit.

A newly installed unit should be serviced at least once a year for smooth performance. AC professionals have the knowledge to be able to easily spot parts that need replacement already. Regular tune-ups should be performed to prevent sudden breakdowns in the middle of summer.

Most new air conditioners have a life expectancy of approximately ten years before replacement is needed. Before life runs out on your unit, it is ideal to have the replacement model picked so replacement is a breeze and your home can quickly get back completely to being fully operational again. As air conditioning units are used, over time, they have a lower efficiency. Upon installing a new system, you can find better performance and lower energy bills.

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